Seagulls Got It Made in Maine

The scenery is made for relaxing. Just some images to cool your spirit.

I was a guest of Carolyn and Michael, from Carolyn’s Shade Gardens, to Cliff Island off the scenic coast of Maine.

It was a most enjoyable time, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to visit such a beautiful place. In fact, we visited many places, most of which I will show on Garden Walk Garden Talk. I want to thank both Carolyn and Michael for their hospitality. You will see the many places that Carolyn and I went during the eight days of my visit but…

I just got back in town and have mounds of work that I must get to this coming week.

I hope you are enjoying the Chanticleer series on GWGT, and I will be getting back to posting and visiting shortly. It is a twelve part series and the post Chanticleer Six in Twelve The Ruins is halfway through the series.

The gulls were plentiful, and I was surprised at how many varieties of gulls were present. Many other sea birds were photographed, but I thought I would do a post on gulls in their natural habitat, where food is plentiful and skies are blue.

The cliffs make good nesting grounds for the coastal birds.

The landscape is very colorful and I will show the varying textures of this landscape coming up.

The contrast is really wonderful and visually exciting.

Most days, the skies were vibrant blue, and cloudless, but for the day above, the white clouds decorated the sky.

The blue skies gave way to deep, colorful sunsets. Stay tuned, much to come.

Sky Watch Over the Niagara River

This is the Upper Niagara River. The maximum width of the river is 8500 feet at Buffalo/Fort Erie and it narrows to about 1500 feet at Squaw Island below the Peace Bridge, in Buffalo. What is strange, is that researching the widest river in the US and the world, there were so many claiming to be the widest. I could not get a consensus on just one answer for each, but the Niagara River is nowhere near the widest. When you see the image above, it does look like a lake instead.

The view above and below is looking at the Grand Island Bridge to the largest island in the Niagara River at 27 square miles. The largest island in the world appears to be Greenland at 822,706 square miles. I lived on Grand Island when I first moved to New York.

The International Niagara Control Dam is located upstream from the Horseshoe Falls, below, and has 18 control gates to regulate the flow of water over the Falls.

The 35 mile long river is not actually a river because it connects two bodies of water and it is often referred to as a strait. It connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, flowing north. Many different professions have been interested in The Niagara River, from geologists, artists, historians, archaeologists, botanists, mechanics, and electricians.

The longest river in the world is not too surprising. It is the Nile at around 4,160 miles. I say about because it appears no one can agree on this either. And oddly enough, they can not agree on the length of the short Niagara River either. Some had it listed at 22 miles long and these came from sources that should actually know.

 In the Center of the Niagara River

Niagara River below the Rainbow Bridge along the Canadian shoreline.

Sky above with Altocumulus perlucidus clouds.

This photo below, is one of the water intakes that are used to divert water for hydro-electric generating.

And down on the farm.

 Next post we will be back on Garden Walk Buffalo. Always lots to see.

Lighting the Falls

As I mentioned, I thought to walk over to Canada and take some night shots. It is beautiful over there, especially on Sunday nights. They have fireworks a couple of times a week at ten p.m. and I never walked over to see them because I see them very clearly from my house.

But, I can not see the Falls lit at night from here, just the glow. I can see it up close on our side if I want, but the image is better in Canada, or almost there, when you are not right on top of it. You get to see the whole scene, like I did from my vantage point.

The Falls is popular both day and night, but I have to admit to liking it covered in snow and ice as well. Seems like just yesterday those were the images I was posting. The image above kinda looks like the rocks at the base are ice.

They light the Falls in various colors. I was taking photos from 9 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. on Sunday. I will show you the fireworks and more of Niagara Falls, Canada in my next postings.

The colors are pretty much the colors of the spectrum. I do not have the greens and violets showing, thought that would be way to many slightly boring photos. In case you are wondering, my camera was set to 25 sec and an aperture of 29. The last image was earlier around 9 p.m. and the settings were 5 seconds and f22. It is the Niagara Falls, Canada skyline, taken from the Rainbow bridge. On the bridge, I never actually crossed into Canada, but left the USA. Funny, huh?

I bet you can guess that I like the blues the best. This was my favorite view, but I should have made it brighter. Well, I will do that another time. Photoshop to the rescue.  Next post, I will show you around a bit at night, then some garden shots. They do gardens in  a big way.