Not Me, Says Creem Cheez!

 You looking at me? I am not the one that planted the darn sunflowers. 

Happy Monday, me maties.

See another HM illustration by me on Garden Walk Garden Talk.

I have been away for a few days helping with the Lewiston GardenFest and will be seeing a talk by Jim of Art of Gardening at the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library tomorrow on “the “growing” importance of garden tourism as an opportunity to draw new visitors and improve Buffalo’s image”. Jim is a good speaker and it should be a great talk. To see the times if you are local see Jim’s post here.

I will be back posting later this coming week on both blogs. You will see some gardens that were part of the Fest and then I will continue with the Niagara Falls Garden Magazine on GWGT. Plus, the end of the month blooming wrapup. Boy are there a lot of perennials blooming at 664. On Green Apples, see the gardens across the border in Niagara Falls, Ontario. A lot is in store and see you then!