Water Fireworks, Happy 4th

Water Fireworks

I know…. I know that I promised gardens from Canada, but the temperature is in the upper eighties this holiday week and it is hot.  Not like you poor souls down South, but still steaming for us cold climate gardeners with the humidity.

So in the spirit of the red, white and blue and the holiday, July 4th, here is some cooling Niagara Falls Rainbows.

Oh, not what you were expecting? Me either. The Parks Department has had the timed sprinklers on pretty much non stop.

I am not dissing them, but they are claiming the “Authentic Falls Experience”, and let me tell you, if you want up close and personal, nothing beats the USA side for that. You can step into the rapids at places and you can feel the spray of the Falls as you walk within feet of it at the top of the brink.

The views are different, but not better per say. They have the most famous postcard view and we have the up close and personal experience. And check out those sprinklers, look how many are going full blast.

The sign saying the “Authentic Falls Experience”. Tsk, tsk….

My gosh was the day bright. I should have toned these images down. You can even see the drops making the rainbow in this one.

And my favorite… with the light beams through the curtain of water.

But not to be outdone by a chorus of sprinklers, let’s follow the Maid of the Mist around and get a few rainbows for real…..

on the other side.

Check out the double USA rainbow. So cool and refreshing.

More than the Falls in Ontario

Water Features in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Pretty ponds are sited steps off the boulevard. They are carefully constructed and beautifully appointed.

 There is a very large pond full of lily pads and small fish.

 Curiously, no frogs.

 When you are in the space away from the traffic and tourists, it is quite peaceful. I have been here when wedding photos have been taken. It is a lovely area for memories to be documented.

 The pond itself is very shallow and I am not sure if there is a place within for fish to overwinter.

There is also waterfalls, but not strong enough to have the water heavily disturbed. It is a good reflecting surface.

Almost impossible to see, but the tiny orange and white dots are the fish.

There are some large trees with fern and wild ginger lining the banks.

Here is an image with the focus NOT on the Falls. Plus this is another water feature that actually is US territory, but Canada gets the best overall view. That little break between the Falls is where I take many photos. It really looks far away, but I walk back and forth often.

 Here is another rarely framed shot I bet. Imagine no buildings in the background. Again, the area between the American and Bridal Falls is where I shoot many closeup images of the brink of the Falls. There are some tourists there now, but they are teeny tiny.

And here is an image that made me scratch my head. Sprinklers were blasting all over, with water running right into the street. Come on Niagara Falls Parks Department, we have been having more than our share of rain, adjust those timers. Plus it looked like rain any minute, no sun was shining.

Sky Watch Over Niagara with GGW

Light Up the Sky….

As day turns to night…

 the Skyline at Niagara Falls, Canada …..


As seen from the Rainbow Bridge at 10 p.m. 

The camera was set to Manual Mode for all images shown. My camera has a Bulb Mode which can allow for the shutter to release as desired. But I just set it for 5 second exposures at f29.

These are actually above the Niagara River. The area between the two nations.

Lotsa Color in the Finale…

 Probably I should note this image…. it is both a pan and a slow shutter speed, with a filter on the lens, just in case you were wondering. I like it, but maybe a little too much playing around.

 And Gardening Gone Wild

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