The Genius strain is rare, but users claim that it is worth the effort. It’s a Jack Herer strain that gives you a euphoric sensation. Users of medical marijuana like the Genius variety since it may help them relax and boost their spirits. To get Genius strain press buy marijuanna toronto. Because of technological and learning advances, the number of accessible cannabis varietals has exploded. The fact that growing marijuana is now legal in a few states also aids matters. There are probably thousands of distinct strains, many of which we will never hear about or sample. You can find Genius weed and many others at meta cannabis. There are various alternatives, including the Genius marijuana strain. It’s become so desired that it’s coveted, yet most people know very little about it. We attempt to give as much information as possible on Genius in this article.

What Is the Genius Strain?

The Genius strain was created by the Brothers Grimm, who bred a Jack Herer variant. It’s a well-balanced mix that provides a cerebral high. Those who have used Genius report experiencing an euphoric high. When the intoxication sets in, you may feel ecstatic and extremely calm.
You should take the recommended dosage until you notice that it is no longer having an effect. However, if you do not feel any change after three weeks of usage, consult your doctor.
They are more likely to sit back and rest instead. In any case, the initial burst of energy is brief. Body sedation quickly follows, but the euphoric sensation lingers for the duration of the high. Genius may keep you intoxicated for many hours.


You should be able to smell earthy, woody notes. If you pay attention, you may notice citrus undertones as well. When burning the buds, a pungent and sour odor replaces the fragrance.


Although the flavor isn’t strong, it is pleasant. You won’t get an earthy Genius flavor; instead, you’ll get a herbal pine taste. The delightful sweet citrus on the exhale is something to behold.


The buds of this strain are green and covered in fine orange hairs. When the Genius plant is nearing the conclusion of its flowering period, you may also notice frosty trichomes.

Genius Strain Grow Info

In general, it will be difficult to discover Genius seeds. If you’re fortunate enough to find one, you’ll learn that Genius is a straightforward grow. You may grow it indoors, outside, or in a greenhouse if you have one. It is resistant to mold and mildew and doesn’t require much upkeep. However, growing Apollo 13 or Jack Herer is simpler. The amount of nitrogen required by a Genious marijuana plant is less than that of other plants. Calcium, nitrogen, and sulfur are all important secondary nutrients to add to the mix. Start with a reduced quantity of the brand-name fertilizer recommended on the package at first. When grown indoors, it may take up to 7-10 weeks to blossom. Genius can yield up to 18 ounces of bud per square meter cultivated. Genius prefers a dry Mediterranean climate when grown outside. It is generally ready for harvest by the end of September or early October.

THC Content – Highest Test

As is often the case, the quality of the cut has a significant influence. Genuinely, the THC content of Genius averages about 19%, although some tests have revealed a result of 23%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Some versions of Genius contain little CBD, whereas others include between 1% and 2%.

Medical Benefits of the Genius Strain

One of the most significant benefits linked with Genius is a mood improvement. As a result, it might be helpful for those who suffer from depression. It’s also a relaxing strain. You may feel complete bliss when you smoke a joint after coming home. You don’t think about the awful day you’ve had anymore. Instead, you feel like resting in a soft chair and getting high. Many MMJ patients use Genius for chronic pain because to its calming effects and strength. The euphoria, once again, contributes to this effect by allowing people to forget about their aches and pains. It’s also used for headaches in the same way.

Possible Side Effects of the Genius Strain

Users have reported that after using Genius, they experience a headache. One explanation is that they use too much. Another reason is dehydration. If cannabis causes headaches for you, drink plenty of water before taking it to avoid illness. It’s possible to experience headaches, dry and red eyes, and a dry mouth. It’s also important to drink water and keep a glass handy while using Genius. You might feel dizzy if you take Genius because it gives a cerebral high.

Final Thoughts on the Genius Strain

Overall, the Genius strain is a perplexing hybrid of Jack Herer. Unfortunately, you will most likely be unable to acquire seeds. If you’re fortunate, you may obtain a clipping instead. If you can’t get Genius, consider Apollo 13. This is a cross between Genius and Princess 75, and finding and cultivating it is simple. You might also try Jack Herer as an alternative. The strain Genius is a popular choice among persons suffering from depression who use medical marijuana. It begins with a cerebral high that travels down the body after some time. Users claim that their mood improves and that they feel calm and detached from everyday concerns.