When the input and output of any system are in harmony the system is considered to be sustainable and productive. The same concept applies to the yard drainage system. 

Yard Drainage Santa Barbara turns out to be problematic especially in the rainy season; to avoid this, planning and executing proper yard drainage is essential. 

Here are a few problems of having poor yard drainage:

  1. When the water is over clogged on the yard due to poor yard draining there are least chances of grass and other plants for survival. 
  2. Grass can’t be mowed when it’s wet. 
  3. If the soggy area is very close to the house, chances of leakage in the basement are high.
  4. Everyone would track mud inside the house.
  5. Stagnant water has a risk of attracting mosquito larvae and undesirable pests.
yard drainage tips

A well-executed draining & drainage system will reduce the risk of flooding during heavy rains. Redirection of excess water is considered as a solution to this problem. Solutions & precautions for surface drain which should be taken are listed as follows:

  1. Downspout Extension
  2. Drawing of a proper Draining system to solve the drainage issues
  3. Creek bed construction
  4. Rain Garden Construction
  5. Construction of an underground drainage pipe
  6. Installation of French Drain and curtain drain
  7. Construction of Dry well
  8. Plan yard in such a way that water is taken away 

Yard Landscaping can create a basin for water

Before you start your French drain or Yard Drainage Santa Barbara planning or digging the ground to let out the excess water; wait and check well-where the water is coming from? Sometimes the draining solution for this might be as simple as downspout extension. Extending the downspout is very helpful when you find out that the excess water drains out of the downspout in the yard. One end of the downspout extension must be connected to the downspout and the other end to the gutter or the drainage sump. 

water draining system

Designing or drawing a Draining system works well, as you will consider all the surrounding factors of a home. For example, when you start drawing the plan-you start sketching the house first, the surrounding low and high spots & you depict the flow of water using arrows. Always keep in mind that you should not plan to direct water to your neighbor’s property or if you are planning to direct the water to the municipal sewage, there are a certain set of regulations which apply according to the location.

Construction of a creek bed is truly art by applying the logic of low spots on the yard. The creek bed is a combination of stones, pebbles and water plants which directs the water away from the yard. Creek bed beautifies the landscape all around the year as it looks good even in the dry weather. Initially make a swale and then add stones, boulders, bridges and artefacts to make it look beautiful.

Constructing a Rain Garden

One more good way of redirecting excess water is to construct a rain garden. When the yard has a low spot it is useful and easy to construct a rain garden. The rain garden is an area at the low spot to catch the water which is filled with hydrophilic plants. It doesn’t solve the problem completely but indeed a garden looks better than a puddle filled with mud. 

Another solution for this is an underground drainage pipe

A pipe located underground by digging the yard at a low spot. This draining pipe is connected to a catch basin by which the water gets collected and then drained or taken to the municipal sewer lines. PVC pipes are used here and a plastic basin which collects only the water leaving behind the plant waste.

A perforated draining pipe is covered with a filter sock and is placed underground so that the water seeps inside the pipe and then most of it is drained while some of the water gets perforated into the ground from the pipe. A good nature-loving solution for this problem is to place a dry well in the underground. A dry well is nothing but a huge hole which is stuffed with gravel and designed to hold a huge amount of water so that the water seeps into the ground. The dry well draining containers must be surrounded by dry gravel or any such kind of perforated materials.

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