In 2016, the city of Red Deer conducted a pilot project to deliver weed in the downtown core within 24 hours. The goal was to make it easier for people who live and work in the area to access marijuana products. The biggest challenge facing the cannabis community is that most of the dispensaries in Canada are located in rural areas, where there is no easy access to transportation and retail outlets. The cannabis industry has been criticized for its inability to accommodate demand. The lack of low-cost transportation systems, old infrastructure, and geographic restrictions have limited access to quality marijuana. In Red Deer same-day weed delivery comes to solve the problem.

Red Deer same-day weed delivery

Cannabis delivery services such as Transporters Cannabis Delivery (TCD) show how important it is for all cannabis products to be delivered quickly, safely, and affordably, while also increasing the traveler’s ability to access cannabis. The most notable and efficient transportation system is TCD, which has been operating since 2010. TCD operates a network of independent delivery partners that have the flexibility to deliver various brands of products across Canada and can be customized for any geography. As of 2018, TCD delivered over 1 million kilograms annually at an average cost per kg of about $10. A year earlier, in 2017, total sales were 837 thousand kg at an average cost per kg of $11 Cdn (US$10). Local marijuana dispensaries in Red Deer, Alberta were suffering from a lack of service delivery. Many customers were frustrated by being unable to get their product delivered on time or not getting at all. Red Deer same-day weed delivery has solved the problem.