Richmond, a city in British Columbia is a popular destination for residents and tourists from around the world. With an average of 25,000 tourists passing through Richmond annually and more than 1 million people visiting Richmond each year, the city has become a global tourist attraction. In 2017, the city adopted new legislation to allow Richmond same-day weed delivery service to its residents. As more people in Richmond are able to benefit from the benefits of medical marijuana, this change has led to new regulations within the city and a larger following. In 2016, the city introduced a public health policy that states: “The City shall not enact or enforce any legislative or administrative measure that would prevent persons who have been issued registration cards issued by the Minister of Health from obtaining marijuana for their medical use”.

 Richmond same-day weed delivery

As a result of these regulations, those with pre-existing conditions and chronic pain can seek out cannabis as an alternative medicine. With legalization now coming as a reality year in advance, most people are optimistic about the future of the cannabis industry. In addition to a regulatory framework, Richmond is also taking advantage of its provincial status in Canada. This allows for a legal cannabis market to flourish within the town borders as alternative medicine. Richmond, Canada is the cannabis capital of the world. With over one million people living within a half-hour drive of Richmond, it is no surprise that the city has become known among cannabis connoisseurs as “Just got stoned”.