Wautemelon is a strain of marijuana with a very high THC content. It is said to be the strongest strain in the world.

Wautemelon strain can help boost your creativity by increasing your mental focus and creativity, which will help you come up with new ideas for your work.

For those who are looking for a creative boost, these strains are an excellent choice because they have been known to significantly increase creativity and productivity.

What is a Wautemelon Strain?

The Wautemelon strain is a marijuana strain that is a cross between the sativa and indica strains. It has a sweet flavor and a fruity aroma.

wautomelon strain

Wautomelon is an abbreviation for what it stands for – “Wa”utomelon, “ut”eral, “m”arijuana, and “e”stablished in 2003 by Dutch Passion Seeds as a crossbreed of the two most common types of cannabis-sativa and indica. The strain was developed to be more suitable for outdoor growing conditions than other strains.

The Wautomelon strain has been used in many ways such as medicinal purposes, recreational purposes, and even as a food product.

This bud has an insanely delicious flavor! It’s name is perfect – it tastes just like sweet watermelon & Tropical fruits. The aromas are slightly skunky and have a fruity sweetness that’s slightly hashy.