If you have a well-designed and programmed sprinkler setup, then it will precisely deliver the amount of water to your yard to maintain it lush all through the year. However, with regular use, it can break down or require occasional maintenance. If you address the issues with your sprinkler system at the right time with the right Irrigation Repair + Installation Hope Ranch services, then major repair costs can be avoided.

Here are some common problems that serve as signs that you should go for sprinkler system repair or installation services.

Water does not come out of the system when turned on

If a sprinkler system doesn’t turn on when it is supposed to then it indicates that there could be following issues with your setup.

  • Leak in piping
  • Roots growing into the nozzle of the sprinkler head
  • Debris from a broken pipe clogging the pipe leading to the head
  • Roots outside the piping squeezing the pipe
  • Demand for water inside the house conflicting with sprinklers running at the same time

Without the right experience and knowledge, it can be difficult to learn what exactly is causing the blockage in the system. Your best bet would be to contact an expert Irrigation Repair + Installation Hope Ranch service to have your system checked and fixed.

Leak in the sprinkler system

Whenever there is a leak in the sprinkler system, it does a lot more than just prevent water to flow appropriately from the sprinkler heads. Puddles can form in your yard thereby leaving some areas completely dry. Leaks could also be caused due to cold winter if you don’t winterize the system thereby causing much damage to the landscaping. A faulty valve box can also result in leaks. Fixing a leaking line and assessing the cause requires experience and knowledge about the system. Hence it is better to contact an expert Irrigation Repair + Installation Hope Ranch service to have your system fixed.

One sprinkler head isn’t working  

If just one of your sprinkler heads isn’t working, it indicates an issue with a single broken sprinkler head and not the entire system. Sprinkler heads can be damaged due to extreme weather or when run over by a lawnmower. Replacing a single head is not a major issue. You can do it yourself or seek professional help if you aren’t comfortable handling it.

Sprinkler heads won’t retract 

Modern sprinkler system designs feature retractable sprinkler heads that are placed around the landscape. Whenever you turn the system on, these heads pop out of the ground to water the entire space! Once you are done with watering, the heads retract so they are not noticeable. However, sometimes they don’t retract on their own and the issue needs to be fixed. This is when you need to call a professional to examine what is wrong with the system.

An Irrigation Repair + Installation Hope Ranch expert can identify the problems with your irrigation set up and fix them right away. If the damage is beyond repair, then they would replace the entire set up so that your lawn remains lush throughout the year.