Your lawn could benefit from a little maintenance in summer which is popular as the season for backyard BBQs and swimming pools. Lawn care is often most feared as it is a difficult and time-intensive process. However, by following a few tips and guidelines or by hiring a professional for Lawn Care Hope Ranch, you can have a healthy green lawn just in time for your backyard party season.

Start off with fertilizing the right way

If you want your lawn to be summer-ready, then start off with fertilizing the lawn first soon after winter. This will ensure strong healthy growth of the grass in your yard. Fertilizing of grass does more than making your lawn green. It will make the seeds germinate faster. Also, it will provide a good start to make the grass thicker and send off beneficial chemicals to promote healthy growth.

You also need to know how much to fertilize and when. Usually, you need to fertilize about four times each season spread 60 days apart. Starting in early spring before the growing season begins will promote a healthy lawn. Spring fertilizing gets the grass off to a fast start giving the rich green color you desire. You need to remember that too much fertilizing can prove to be disastrous.

Mowing for lawn care

Mowing is the most understood part of lawn care. If incorrectly performed, people will see their mowers scalp the lawn. Cutting off too much grass results in thinned grass and also shallows the root system. If you don’t want to end up with brown spots on the lawn, then hiring an expert for Lawn Care Hope Ranch would be a better move.

Regular maintenance

Once you have achieved a perfect lawn, you need to do regular maintenance for preventing brown patches throughout. By spending little money and time, you can keep it lush for a long time. The ideal way to water your lawn consistently is by going for an automatic sprinkler system. If everything is automated, you will not have to drag hoses or wastewater due to overwatering.

Hiring a lawn care specialist 

If you don’t have time to design your lawn and to maintain it in good shape, you can connect to a Lawn Care Hope Ranch specialist to maintain your lawn in its best shape. A wide variety of products and equipment are needed to keep a lawn lush and vibrant. Instead of spending money on all these when you don’t really have the time, you can hire an expert to take care of it. hire a trusted professional who will take care of all the aspects of gardening and as well as carry out periodic maintenance to keep your outdoors appealing and inviting all year through.